Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum includes the traditional subjects of Math, English, History, and Science, along with a separate Literature series and Bible. LFBC also includes a complete Preschool program and Electives.

Pre-Kindergarten (K3)

The Pre-Kindergarten (K3) contains the main academic areas of Bible, Reading Readiness, Language Concepts, Numbers, and Special Activities (including manners, music appreciation, art, health and safety, literature, exercise, and others). While not designed specifically to teach reading, important introductory concepts and skills are taught so that the students who complete this program will be thoroughly prepared to learn to read the following year.

Champion Baptist Kindergarten (K4/K5)

LFBC is proud to present this first-class, academically sound, easy-to-use Kindergarten program, written and published by fundamental Baptists through the ministry of a fundamental Baptist church. Much prayer, diligent effort, experience, and sacrifice have gone into the production of this program, and it is our prayer that it will be a blessing to many, serving as a firm foundation for a lifelong pursuit of learning.

The main academic areas in the Champion Baptist Kindergarten are Phonics/Reading/Writing, Numbers, Bible, and Daily Topics (such as safety, health, science, history, and fine arts).

The program is designed as a complete phonics-based reading and writing program with a strong arithmetic emphasis. In addition, the unique Beginner's Champion Phonics Reader teaches students how to develop speed in their phonics reading, while the McGuffey's Eclectic Primer provides the setting for developing comprehension at this young age.


The LFBC Bible ProgramThe LFBC Bible program is a high-quality, fundamental Baptist, exciting program that provides a total view of the King James Bible during the school years.


The LFBC Literature SeriesLFBC has developed a complete literature series for Christian schools and homeschoolers. Our students are exposed to the greatest literature of the past 300 years starting with the McGuffey's Eclectic Readers in kindergarten through the sixth grade. The McGuffeys recall an America where honesty, hard work, kindness, patience, obedience to authority, fairness, gentleness, and frugality were traits to be admired. This we emphasize in our literature program. The upper grades study character-building favorites, stories, biographies and classics, including John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress and The Holy War.


The LFBC English ProgramLFBC English is a back-to-basics program with a heavy emphasis on learning the parts of speech, diagramming, research papers, essays, and composition. The student's literacy skills are an absolute must in the LFBC program.


The LFBC Mathematics ProgramThe LFBC Math program is a solid one, beginning with the knowledge that God created everything, and, because of this, order has resulted. It teaches that students can expect exactness, preciseness, and completeness in arithmetic/mathematics, just as they can expect it in God's creation. We start with the basic facts. Strong emphasis is given to learning the multiplication tables early. Later we proceed to the more complicated and abstract concepts in the upper grades.


The LFBC History CurriculumWe offer no more "social studies" but old-fashioned history and geography. (Social studies was a product of the secular humanists in the late 1930's.) The root of the word history means "knowing." It actually is a record of the affairs of mankind down through the ages of time. History provides us with examples of success and failure, of victories and defeats, and of great men with courage and character, as well as inhumane tyrants with cowardice and cruelty.

One responsibility of a good history program is to teach students to apply the lessons of history so that we are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.

History is a record that reveals the sovereignty of God in the affairs of man. It is a record of the human knowledge of the development in time and space of God's divine plan for the universe. This concept recognizes that the universe was planned, created, sustained, and ordered by an infinite God. This we try to impress upon each student who studies our history courses.


The LFBC Science SeriesThis refreshing program gives a student a basic understanding of science from the Christian Biblical viewpoint as presented in the Word of God. A proper study of these concepts helps familiarize the student with the basic body of knowledge necessary to being an informed Christian in a world of technology.


Several electives are offered, including:

Penmanship -- This totally complete program includes step-by-step instructions for writing the entire alphabet in cursive and proceeds, through much practice, to writing on notebook-ruled paper. This program is also uniquely flexible, allowing for its use in both individualized settings as well as traditional classrooms. LFBC Penmanship is designed for use in multiple grades to establish beautiful, legible handwriting for life.

Principles of Music -- LFBC is pleased to offer this thorough, balanced, positive approach to the subject of music. Through studying music history, music theory, and the aspects of music, students learn how right music has developed and are trained to understand why modern discordant, dissonant, and rock music is not honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Home Economics -- The Home Economics course sets forth the thought that everything in the home should center on God and should be Christ-honoring. The course teaches the young lady how to become a competent homemaker, including lessons on cooking, sewing, child care, first aid, and many other practical areas of the home. This is a full credit course.

Shop -- The Shop course gives a simple, elementary view of each subject covered, including electricity, plumbing, machine shop, and carpentry. Much of the basic information given will be needed for home use or as an introduction to a field of employment. This is a half credit course.

Personal Development (for young ladies) -- This course will benefit young ladies for the remainder of their lives. In fact, it will help make ladies out of girls if the material is studied, believed, and applied. Being a Christian affects every area of one's life; therefore, girls should use the Bible as their guide to courting, dressing, family relationships, etc. This is a half credit course.

Spanish I -- This Spanish I course is beginning Spanish. It includes vocabulary, parts of speech, and practical uses of words, phrases, and sentences. It is illustrated and provides useful examples of Sunday School lessons, songs, and the plan of salvation. The last few chapters concentrate on the student being able to lead someone to Christ.

Computer Literacy -- This course discusses the history of computing as well as the uses of computers. Special emphasis is placed on the personal computer. Students are given both theory and practical assignments. They are introduced to applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and communications. They are also introduced to basic concepts of programming. This is a full credit course.

Computer Keyboarding -- This course teaches the student typing skills on the qwerty (standard) keyboard. It takes a basic approach, drilling each key for memorization, then builds up speed and accuracy. Students learn the entire keyboard, including the numeric keypad adn the symbols. Newly written for 2008.